Psychotherapy-Counseling can be a healthy start to look at life patterns and challenges within yourself, in relationships, work and other areas of life.

Here are some situations where I as a counselor can be of help:
  • - You feel stressed with family issues and have difficulty finding solutions.
  • - You want to engage in personal growth and development.
  • - Your life feels empty and meaningless.
  • - You have experienced traumatic or very frightening situations and feel stuck.
  • - You experience anxiety and/or depression (sadness) and have difficulty handling your daily life.
  • - You want to improve your relationship with your partner.
  • - You have low self-esteem.
  • - You have difficutly sleeping.
  • - You experience a lot of guilt and shame.
  • - You suffer from nightmares, feel easily overwhelmed and have difficulty handling your daily life.
As a client you enter into counseling completely based on your own free will and may continue as long as you find it meaningful.
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